Barnana Organic Plantain Crisps Garlic, 113g

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Why You’ll Love It
Simple yet flavour, a classic with a twist, it must be Barnana Organic Plantain Crisps Garlic. These paleo-friendly and grain-free crisps are just what you’ve been searching for. Crispy, organic, and authentic plantains cooked in coconut oil, and lightly tossed in a mix of garlic and sea salt. Can you say yummy? Simple snacks made right. The Barnana way. These crisps have no added sugar and are 100% plant-based, making them the perfect mid-day snack. Aromatic and irresistible is how we would describe these crisps. Garlic lovers? Your time is right now. Get your hands on these plantain crisps while they are still here. We’re sensing they will be ripe for the picking among many.
Organic Green Plantains, Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Garlic, Sea Salt.
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