Bob's Red Mill Organic Brown Rice Flour, 680g

Why You’ll Love It

Our Brown Rice Flour is 100% stone ground at Bob's Red Mill Natural Foods on a very fine setting to prevent a gritty texture—a common complaint about many brown rice flours! This gluten-free brown rice flour adds a richer, nuttier flavor to baked goods than wheat flour. This gluten-free flour pairs well with potato starch, sorghum flour, sweet rice flour, tapioca starch, and xanthan gum. While you won’t be able to substitute this flour cup for cup with wheat flour, with a little experimenting you can enter a whole new world of gluten-free food! Use our organic brown rice flour for thickening sauces, coating proteins, creating gluten-free baked goods, and even noodles! 

Organic whole grain organic brown rice.
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