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Bob's Red Mill Organic Kamut Berries (Khorasan Wheat), 680g

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Certified Kosher

Certified Organic



Cholesterol Free

Low Fat

Low Sodium

No Trans Fats

Salt Free

Made By Hand


The plump, golden kernels of whole grain Kamut® Khorasan wheat are a nutritious source of selenium, zinc, magnesium and iron. Kamut® wheat is exceptionally high in protein, containing 7 grams of protein per serving, and a good source of dietary fiber. A nutritional powerhouse, Kamut® grain is perfect for anyone looking for a high protein, low fat addition to their menu. The firm texture and rich, nutty flavor make this heirloom grain a great addition to pilafs, soups, and cold salads. Unlike some varieties of wheat, Kamut® berries hold their texture well, allowing them to be added to soups and stews early in the cooking process without getting mushy. The pleasant chewiness makes them a delicious, and far more nutritious, substitute for whole kernel corn. Use Kamut® wheat wherever you would use a long grain brown rice for an exciting change of pace.


Whole grain Kamut® Khorasan Wheat

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