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A Dozen Cousins

A Dozen Cousins is based on the founder’s family. A melting pot of Creole, Caribbean, and Latin American cuisine. But, as time went on, the need for both authentic and healthy food arose. And that’s where A Dozen Cousins comes in. Now, it is easier than ever to enjoy authentic food, culture, and wholesome ingredients while also getting the best flavours. The name ‘A Dozen Cousins’ was created after the founder’s daughter, and her eleven cousins. A Dozen Cousins is inspired by the rich and beautiful food of Black and Latino recipes. Many African, Spanish, and Indigenous peoples interacted and created dozens of sub-cultures that truly left a mark on food, art, and musical traditions in the various regions.

Today, A Dozen Cousins uses easy-to-recognize and wholesome ingredients in all of its ready-to-eat meals to ensure maximum flavour and nutritional benefit. Ingredients like beans, vegetables, and hearty avocado oil all come together to create something delicious, without GMOs or artificial flavours. A Dozen Cousins is on a mission to encourage and inspire those from all backgrounds to eat better food and live longer, brighter lives. Many under-served American communities face difficulty where healthy eating is concerned. They are at a far greater risk of developing obesity, diabetes, and other illnesses related to diets. To try to reverse this trend, A Dozen Cousins supplies an annual grant and volunteer support to non-profit organizations. These organizations are working to eliminate socioeconomic health disparities in the U.S. Two of the recipients that A Dozen Cousins sponsors include; The Happy Kitchen/La Cocina Alegre (2019), and Project Potluck (2020).