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Situated between Sutter Buttes (represented in the skyline in our branding) and the Sierra Nevada Mountain range, A’mond® Snacks took root. This region makes up the Northern Tip of the Central Valley and is home to diverse agriculture. We grow crops from Tomatoes to Melons and Medium Grain Rice to Almonds. We take pride in the ranchers, farmers, and Almond growers that make this region thrive. What better way to acknowledge their hand in our economy than to bring together a blend of local ingredients to launch A’mond Snack Puffs. Old Timers around these parts say “You call it an Almond on the tree and an A’mond on the ground as you had to shake the “L” out of them to harvest!” Over time, the name stuck and today… we just call them A’monds.

We are happy to bring to you a delicious flavorful Almond Puff that will have you begging for more.