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At Absolutely, we’re absolutely sure of one thing -- we make great food! Our food is delicious first and gluten-free second. We make products that are so irresistible that you won’t even believe that they’re gluten or grain-free! How? Well, we can’t give all our secrets away but one thing’s for sure...we’re 100% not including any ingredients that are not gluten-free! The truth is, we use one of our favourite ingredients in the kitchen to make our crackers, potatoes! Why? Potatoes are highly nutritious and also very delicious. Potatoes make our products crispy and absolutely amazing! No soy, corn or rice is needed to make our one-of-a-kind recipes. Our delicious crackers and flatbreads are unique, and an absolute hit on charcuterie boards, picnics and movie nights. Unlike other crackers and flatbreads, our products don’t taste “healthy”, they taste like the real thing, maybe even better if we’re honest. Pair with some dips, cheese, cold cuts or grind up to make some gluten-free crumbs! There are absolutely so many things that you can do with our gluten-free and grain-free products, and we’re absolutely positive that you’ll love them!