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Making sure that your children are getting all of the nutrients and vitamins they need to support their growth and development can be neverending. That’s where allKiDz comes in. allKiDz puts your child’s health and development at the forefront of their mission. Not everyone, or every child, can absorb all of the nutrients that food can provide. But, not to worry because allKiDz tailors their supplements especially to make sure that your little ones are getting all of those nutrients that are needed to support them. Think of it as a small boost to help push them towards growth development.

Being fellow parents themselves, at allKiDz they know just how important it is to take the time and care to thoroughly make sure that their vitamins and supplements are of the highest quality and made with ingredients that you can pronounce. allKiDz strives for making sure that the foundation of its products is something you can trust. That’s why you won’t find any hidden chemicals, preservatives, added sugar, or common allergens in any of their products. Whether your child is a picky eater, or your schedule is jam-packed, allKiDz makes sure to prioritize taking into account all of it. Did you know that all of allKiDz formulas are approved by Health Canada? Well, now you do! Every allKiDz product is proudly made in Canada too.