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It’s no secret that cutting carbs and refined sugar is a great way to improve your health. The trouble is, carbs and sugar hide in all sorts of so called “healthy” foods. A single serving of one national brand of BBQ sauce contains 45% of the daily recommended sugar intake. The average national brand of ketchup has 4 teaspoons of sugar per serving! What’s a person to do? Give up ketchup? Um, no thank you.

In 2011 I had some weight to lose. I didn’t want to give up my condiments. All the BBQ sauces I found either tasted awful or had artificial sweeteners. I wanted something that tasted great and was actually good for me. So, I got creative in the kitchen and created a personal BBQ sauce recipe. I used high grade Stevia sweetener and all natural ingredients. It was perfect! I shared it with friends and they loved it. As friends do, they begged me to “bottle and sell this stuff!” So, I did!

Happy eating!

Jared McGuire
Founder & CEO