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Artisan Kettle - Superior Taste, Naturally.

From Start to Delicious: Our Mission. 

At Artisan Kettle, we’re passionate about providing the world with great tasting chocolate and doing the right thing along the way. So when we noticed there wasn’t an organic chocolate that both tasted great and did well for the planet, we set our sights on creating it.

Sourced from South America.
Our story begins with Fair Trade Certified™ cocoa farmers on small, family farms in South America. This is where we get the cacao for all our products. This region of the world is known as the birthplace of cacao, and home to some of the finest flavored beans.

The process to perfection.
Once the beans are roasted and ground, we bring the cocoa to the US, where we go to great lengths to preserve the rich flavor of the bean’s origin. We then blend our cocoa with high quality ingredients, like real vanilla, organic cane sugar and organic cocoa butter. This careful, minimal processing gives our chocolate a smooth, melt-in-your-mouth texture and delicious, memorable taste.

Organically delicious. More than a dozen varieties.
At Artisan Kettle, we start by selectively sourcing our organic cocoa from small, Fair Trade Certified™ family farms in South America. We then blend our cocoa in a state-of-the-art facility and add only a few, simple ingredients. The end result is impeccable tasting organic chocolate, perfect for baking or snacking.

Always Organic and Always Fair Trade Certified
We pride ourselves in using ingredients only of the highest caliber. This allows us to create exquisite tasting chocolate with the certifications and authenticity the world deserves.