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Aurora Natural

Treat yourself with Aurora Natural’s nuts! These delicious nuts are roasted and seasoned to perfection and contain absolutely no preservatives, artificial colors or additives, now that’s something to go nuts for!

In 1998, Stephanie Blackwell pursued her dream of opening her own business after realizing that there was a need for all natural, organic nuts, dried fruits and granola. After hiring a small team of 4, she went searching for customers and after many trials and tribulations, and gaining help through friends and family along the way, Stephanie’s business grew into one of the leading all neutral and organic brands in America today! Aurora Natural strives to maintain a superior status in SQF (Safe Quality Foods) and is awarded the SQF 2000 Level 3 Certification on an annual basis assuring the quality of their products, and that’s not all! The packaging used to seal their products includes the use of recycled plastics, and they conserve energy by recycling biofuels from oils used in their nut roasters! Aurora Natural’s passion for people and the planet come through in their delicious and high quality products, so spread the love and enjoy their nuts roasted to perfection! 


Aurora Natural’s roasted nuts are a great vegan and plant based snack whenever you’re in need of nuts! Perfectly roasted, these nuts are the snack to take anywhere life does! On the go at the gym, to share with friends at a party, or maybe just to curl up at home with an afternoon snack, these nuts are the perfect thing to have for a little munch mood, anytime you need it!