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At Badger, we do more than create mineral sunscreen, we create products that heal people, our planet, and everyone on it; We use the highest quality natural ingredients, and carefully prepare our products with the intention to heal, soothe and protect. At Badger, we’re on a mission to create a healthier world through our organic products.  We strive to heal the world through eco-friendly and client-centred business practices that demonstrate our respect for the planet and our people. We’ve followed this philosophy since we began our journey in the mid-1990s. We founded Badger out of a desire to help others heal and protect their body through natural solutions. We began selling out of a van and have expanded to healing and protecting others worldwide. We managed to produce the most effective organic and mineral-based sunscreen in the country while carefully watching our ecological and societal footprint every step of the way. Our mineral-based sunscreen has been recognized for its safety, environmentally-friendly ingredients, and as the first sunscreen to participate in the fair trade movement. And, we’re not stopping here. As we grow, we will continue to do our part to heal and protect our planet, our society, and your skin through the most effective natural ingredients. And, with your help, there’s nothing that can stop us from making the world a better place.