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Bakery On Main

Bakery On Main

Come on down to the Bakery On Main, we’re sure that you’ll find their oatmeals absolutely oat-standing! High in protein and fiber, these gluten free breakfast meals are a super way to start your super day!
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From Glastonbury, Connecticut in a Bakery on Main street comes this delicious breakfast and snack food. Founded in 1992 by Michael Smulders, it all started when Michael realized that the bakery in a small natural foods market was lacking in gluten-free and celiac friendly foods that his customers could enjoy. With some time experimenting, Michael was able to create the first corn cup based granola, which his customers very quickly fell in love with! Encouraged by such positive feedback, Michael’s passion for creating both nutritious and delicious gluten free and celiac friendly breakfast food and snacks grew and he continued to expand his creations to offer more for his customers! 

Today, Bakery On Main continues to flourish and is dedicated to carry on Michael’s passion for food creation for a healthier audience. With only clean ingredients that contain absolutely no artificial sweeteners, additives, or colors, this women owned company is dominating the healthy breakfast food game. Bakery On Main’s products are the optimal breakfast food for that boost of energy in every way and on any day, you can taste the excellence and passion that they strive to maintain in every product they have made since their initial creation, now that’s some wholesome, amazing eating! 


Bakery On Main’s oatmeals are gluten free and celiac friendly! These superfood breakfast meals are made with simple ingredients and absolutely no artificial sweeteners. High in protein and fiber, these oatmeals are easy to prepare so that you can start your day right away with the energy you need!