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At Bark THINS, we are committed to elevating your snacking experience. In 2013, we started with the idea that we could make an extremely delicious and satisfying snack with absolutely no compromises. To fulfill our mission, we combined Fair Trade dark chocolate with real, simple, Non-GMO inclusions for a completely original take on snacking. We like to think of it as snacking, but elevated.

Today we’re helping to make the world a more delicious place. With seven (and counting) flavour combinations, there’s a flavour for everyone. We create our products to be outstanding. Our bark is designed so you can enjoy something delightful with every layer. We created a one-of-a-kind chocolate with simple ingredients, but better. Our unique dark chocolate is combined with other unique flavours such as almonds, sea, salts, mint, coconut, and pretzels. We know these combinations can leave anyone fully satisfied.

For us, it’s a little goodness that goes a long way, every day.

At Bark THINS, we invite you to enjoy and share in our passion of making today, and every day, outstanding.