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Look up! That’s where you’ll find Barukas Supernuts flying towards you at full speed to satisfy your snack craving!

Who Is Barukas?

Barukas not only provide you with Supernuts, but they’re also doing their part to help the environment! As several Baruziero trees are being burnt down for soy production, Barukas is taking action! Barukas nuts help with halting deforestation as well as reversing it. They’re committed to planting a tree for every five pounds of their nuts that are sold! 

Barukas Nuts

Barukas nuts grow on Baruziero trees in Brazil and contain no pesticides, chemicals, or artificial irrigation! These Supernuts are higher in fiber, lower in calories, and high in antioxidants! These vegan and high protein nuts are exactly what you need as an afternoon pick-me-up!