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Every culinary crusade should start in a kitchen.

After all, a proper war on corporate snack foods, shouldn’t start in a boardroom by a bunch of pressed suits. Nope. Because it was in the kitchen that we discovered that healthy and tasty can coexist in a bean chip. And so our mission to rid the world of unhealthy snacks began.

It won’t end until every last glow-in-the-dark chip, artificially infused food-like-object is extinguished from this beautiful planet, forever and replaced with delicious, nutritious, sustainable chips like Beanfields.

We Are Human Beans!

We know it sounds strange but it’s true. We are part bean. Not ALL bean, just the part that’s a superfood capable of super things. Because the bean and the chips we make from them are everything we expect from our snacks today: Non-GMO. Non-allergen. Gluten-free.