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Food journeys just got Bett’r! Made with wholesome ingredients, these vegan friendly choco drops are the perfect addition to your baking! From cookies to muffins, Bett’r has got your back. No more worrying about what’s on the bag and just enjoying what’s within!

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There’s nothing better than having something and enjoying it through and through, and with Bett’r, you can munch away your troubles without adding to them, especially when you set limits on how much you consume in a day. Bett’r’s all about breaking those limits and breaking through the snacking guilt, because life’s too short to worry about what we’re putting into our bodies. We just want to vibe, and Bett’r just gets that and more, offering good vibes all through your food journey. With simple and natural recipes and wholesome ingredients, you can now enjoy the true freedom of snacking potential with Bett’r!



Bett’r is wholesomely made with non-GMO, organic ingredients so that you can feel better both inside and out! Their plant-based, dairy-free choco drops have no artificial preservatives or additives, and are the perfect addition to any baking session, or you can munch on them straight out of the bag for a sweet, natural snack!