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In 2018, we set out on a mission to create a healthier and happier world through Medjool dates! Founded in Ontario, Canada, we are North America’s first health food company changing lives through natural ingredients and organic Medjool dates. We created a healthy spread inspired by our middle easter roots, that you can feel good about serving to your friends and family. We ensured to create the perfect, naturally-sweet, vegan spread through multiple taste tests and plenty of trial and error. After much testing, we launched our line of plant-based date butters. It all started with our paleo-friendly classic date butter, but we couldn’t stop there and so we added a no-sugar-added chocolate spread, and a ginger spread to suit everyone’s taste pallet. We built our products around healthy, simple and clean ingredients for everyone to enjoy. We created a healthy spread that you can add to your breakfast, eat out of the jar or bake with. It’s versatile, it’s clean, it's all you need to make your food dreams come true!