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Blake's Seed Based

Blake's Seed Based

Here at Blake's Seed-Based, we're dedicated to making delicious allergy-friendly snacks so everybody can #SeedYourPassion and not be held back by your snack options! Using seeds instead of nuts, we've created the ultimate allergen-free crispy treat for everyone to enjoy.
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At Blake’s Seed Based, we create nut-free and allergy-friendly snacks that are healthy, taste great and are made with the finest ingredients. The idea started in an MBA Social Entrepreneurship Course at the University of Indiana, where Blake realized the lack of snack options there are on the market. He suffers from a severe nut allergy himself, and frustrated, he started making bars in his kitchen using seeds instead of nuts. People started to ask for them, so he started selling them at farmers' markets and other community events.

Fast-forward to the present time, and we now have a product that is available nationwide! Our company motto is #SeedYourPassion. We want you to go out in the world and pursue your passions, without being held back by your snack options.