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Blue Lotus Chai

No time for a brew but love yourself a cup of chai? With Blue Lotus Chai’s powder blends, now you don’t need to wait for the perfect cup of chai! With just ¼ of Blue Lotus Chai’s powdered blend, hot water and a milk or milk alternative of your choice, you can have your perfect cup of chai in no time at all!

Born in 2010 from a love and admiration of all things India, founder Barbara Cameron fell in love with the many facets of Indian culture, especially their chai, when she was traveling back and forth on a pilgrimage to India. When she returned home to the States, she began brewing and boiling her own spices to bring all that she loved from India to the comfort of her own.

Wanting to spread the love and comfort that she experience while on her pilgrimage, Barbara set out on a hunt, fervently looking for the best ingredients and spices to create a pure, all natural masala chai that even the most ardent chai lover would crave, and thus, having found the perfect blend of spices and ingredients, Blue Lotus Chai was born!    



Blue Lotus Chai’s tea leaves are flash dried to allow for a convenient way to dissolve the leaves while still maintaining the rich taste and aromatic spices of each blend! No more tea bags or waiting for leaves to steep, just scoop up, pour in and stir, and you have yourself one perfect cup of chai!