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Blue Stripes Urban Cacao

No more feeling blue because Blue Stripes Urban Cacao is here to bring you the power of cacao; a superfood that’s super good for you, all conveniently and deliciously made in antioxidant water and granola!

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Long ago, a fledgling young writer named Max Werner went on a chocolate journey without even realizing it at first, finding himself working alongside a master chocolatier named Michele Chaudun, who had a chocolate store that was practically oozing both with the wonders of chocolate as well as inspiration for Max’s writing career. Carried on the wings of inspiration for his writing, Max’s career veered into different skies, chocolate skies, and found himself in some extensive chocolate drama, opening a bunch of chocolate restaurants and creating a brand called Max Brenner Chocolate by the Bald Man! After dedicating years to his chocolate creations and restaurants though, Max decided to take a break from the chocolate world and decided to explore a wilder side, the origin of the chocolate that brought him so much joy and inspiration. 

On a trip to the Blue Mountains in Jamaica, Max was introduced to a beverage that retained the original form of chocolate; the cacao bean! It was called the ”Jamaican Cacao Breakfast”, and it filled Max with inspirations on how to create new and innovative ways to fully enhance the culinary prowess of the cacao bean! It was through this journey that Max was able to see that cacao was so much more than the chocolate he’d created in the past, it was a superfood, a necessary component that fueled the mind and body in ways he could’ve never imagined, and thus, Blue Stripes Urban Cacao was born! 



Blue Stripes Urban Cacao elevates cacao to its highest limits while still retaining all the health benefits that this superfood offers! Blue Stripes Urban Cacao waters and granola yield the antioxidant effects that cacao offers so you can treat your tastebuds and your tummy all in one convenient serving!