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Bored Cow

Bored Cow

Bored Cow set out to make a milk alternative that didn't compromise on taste, texture, or functionality. The first milk alternative to do it all, Bored Cow looks, feels, tastes, cooks, bakes, froths, foams and steams just like dairy because it is dairy--without the cows! 

Welcome to Bored Cow, the brand that believes cows should be free to do whatever they please–without being milked for our consumption! It's not only a question of animal welfare, but also a critical one for our planet. Our mission is simple–to make a milk alternative that is better for people, kinder to animals, and easier on the planet.

Bored Cow's milk alternative is completely animal-free, which is made possible through the magical process of fermentation! That's right, we have tiny, invisible 'cows' called microflora chowing down on plant sugar to create real whey milk protein, for a totally new way of making dairy that's better for everyone (and every cow!)

And just cause it’s a milk alternative, doesn’t mean you have to compromise on taste or texture. Bored Cow created the first vegan-friendly milk alternative that does it all–looks, feels, tastes, cooks, bakes, froths, foams, and steams just like dairy, because it is dairy–but made without the animals, factory farming, and with a fraction of the environmental footprint! 

With 8g of complete protein, no lactose or cholesterol, and zero hormones or antibiotics, Bored Cow has everything consumers love about conventional dairy, and nothing they don't. So whether you're lactose intolerant, vegan, or simply looking to make a positive impact on the world, Bored Cow has got you covered.