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After facing challenges with diabetes, two old friends, Dan and Sam, discovered an opportunity to help the diabetes-affected community and health-conscious consumers everywhere. Overwhelmed by complicated diet instructions, Dan and Sam felt as if there weren’t enough healthy and diabetic-friendly snacks available on the market as there should be. Experienced in the consumer goods industry and passionate about helping people eat better, Sam and Dan headed out on a mission to develop a healthy, tasty, and diabetic-friendly snack recipe. After much trial and error, it wasn’t long until Dan and Sam discovered that making a healthy snack that was wholesome, natural, and nutritious wasn’t the hard part, but rather making it irresistible was a challenge. Unwilling to throw in the towel, Sam and Dan headed to the experts at Nutrition Canada and at the University of Toronto to create a tastier and healthier product. After working with the pros, Sam and Dan developed just the right recipe to make an all-natural snack that would meet all the needs of the diabetes-affected community and the average health-conscious joe. The next challenge was finding the right manufacturer. After countless meetings, they found their perfect match, a health-conscious gourmet chocolatier. Years later, Biridgepeak Nutrition was born. Today, we offer a line of gourmet 70% dark chocolate bark that is vegan, low in sugar, rich in plant-based protein and fiber, and diabetic-friendly. We combined super ingredients like sprouted grains, nuts, and peas, and coat it all in our velvety 70% dark chocolate for a healthy and sweet snack that allows you to #snackwithconfidence. And, we’re just getting started!