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Broma Organic

Broma Organic

At Broma, we’re focused on elevating the ordinary with wholesome, nutrient-packed ingredients. We believe that functional foods can also be delicious! 

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When Taylor’s 96-year-old grandma was diagnosed with a protein deficiency in 2019, she began noticing the lack of vitamins and nutrients in grocery stores’ products. They promised health but ultimately lacked in the taste, nutrients, and transparency department. Working towards her Master’s Degree in Food Studies at NYU, she was ready to put her knowledge to work and rid the stigma that healthy can’t be delicious. Taylor began creating recipes that would be beneficial for her grandmother but also delicious enough for everyone to enjoy. Teaming up with her childhood friend, Stanley, Broma was born.

Broma is an all-natural, organic dark chocolate almond spread that aims to make snack time carefree and guilt-free. We offer spreadable, creamy almond butters that are a complete protein (almonds + lentils = perfect match!) and contain essential micronutrients such as iron, fibre, and folate that are often lacking in our diets. Smooth, rich, and sweetened with a touch of coconut sugar, we’re elevating the ordinary and making them nutrient-packed. All of our almond butters are organic certified, gluten-free, kosher, vegan, low glycemic index, and free of soy and refined sugar.