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Like all children who love ice cream and other dairy products, Peter Y.’s (the founder of BUCK) children were no different. But after discovering that they had an intolerance for dairy and weren’t fond of the non-dairy alternatives on the market, Peter decided to do something about it. Peter started to research and make creating a delicious and dairy-free alternative, not just a dream, but a reality. The product needed to be of the highest quality and contain no allergens. But most importantly, it also needed to have ingredients that he (and his children) could pronounce.

Peter formed a group of individuals who shared his dream and had the skills to bring it to life. Peter is the founder and visionary behind BUCK, Oliver S. is the culinary mind behind each BUCK product (and the one to thank for the incredible taste and ingenuity of these buckwheat products), and Jason M. is the business-minded one, the one who steers the creative ship in the right direction. Buckwheat is an environmental powerhouse. Naturally, buckwheat defeats weeds and is a protector of the soil it grows in. BUCK uses little to no chemicals when growing its crops. It also attracts bees and keeps them happy. For every 1 acre of buckwheat fields, it supports 1 beehive. Now there’s something to BEE happy about!

During the process of making such unique and allergen-free products, BUCK is sure that there is no cross-contamination with major allergens. Buckwheat is a seed, in spite of its name, and has no relation to either a legume (peanuts, peas, and soy) or a grass-grain (wheat, corn, oats, and barley). Buckwheat is gluten-free and allergen-friendly. The only relative that buckwheat is known to be close to is rhubarb. Every time a batch of buckwheat milk or other product is made, the equipment goes through sanitization to ensure that every product is made without the risks of allergens. That’s something we can be thankful for. Simply BUCK, simply delicious!