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Buddha Teas

Be as calm as Buddha with Buddha Teas! Breathe in the steamy, gentle aroma of these sustainably sourced, single ingredient teas and breathe out all the negative energy that’s been weighing you down. At Buddha Teas, you can find healing and health going hand in hand with a single sip of their teas!

Moving from the US to the UK, where tea was the top drink of choice, Buddha Tea’s soon to be founder John Boyd found a new world and expanded his palette for teas of all kinds, not finding as much diversity in the past with teas purchased from the US. John sought for healthy, pure and organic options to help himself and others who were seeking relief and reprieves from certain health concerns, and even just for those who’d had a love for teas who were also seeking and found their searches lacking when it came to the current market’s variety, thus, John decided to create Buddha Teas! And with the help of his friend and confidante, Nicholas Marier, and other talented people, they launched a line of wholesome, unadulterated teas for anyone to enjoy, no matter their diets! Since their creation in 2006, their tea game has been going strong, growing their lines to include nothing but the best, high quality, sustainably sourced herbal teas alongside many other varieties! 



Buddha Teas are all about clean, simple ingredients to make their teas. No artificial or natural flavoring, just pure, organic tea leaves. At Buddha Teas, they want herbs to be just that, with no enhancements, no additions, just the herbal goodness that they’re known for! Each sip of tea offers a peace of mind, not only for the calming effects, but also knowing that what you’re drinking is just that, nothing extra needed!