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Callowfit. The balance between following a health-conscious lifestyle while also eating exceptionally well. With their line of high-quality and tasty sauces, now there’s a sauce for every occasion. Choose a flavourful condiment for each meal, and delight in having your tastebuds take a trip on the wild side. Their passion for great taste has driven them to make incredible and addicting condiments that are both sweet and savoury. Why not add some Strawberry Sauce or Salty Caramel Sauce to your favourite ice cream. Or, invite the family over and host a BBQ with the best-tasting condiments. Don’t forget to dress your burgers with a dollop of 1,000 Island Sauce, or if you’re in the mood for some spicy, try out the Curry Mango Style Sauce. The choice is yours.

What started out as a sports nutrition company, in 2015 Callowfit saw the rise and demand from athletes. They wanted sauces that fit into their health-centric lifestyles, and didn’t compromise on taste. Callowfit listened and now they have a growing line of, currently, 19 sauces and condiments. Every sauce from Callowfit is free from added sugar, has no fat, is lactose-free, gluten-free, vegan, aspartame-free, and low-calorie. Now, those are some great values that we can get behind. These sauces aren’t just for those who are avid gym-goers, or athletes. No, these sauces are for those who want condiment options that are delicious, low-calorie, and contain no animal products. Does that sound like you? Well, hop on the Callowfit train because we are sure it will be a flavourful and delightful time. Eat better! Eat with Callowfit!