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Canada Mint

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Canada Mint is your new go-to when it comes to clean, simple, and natural products. Their line of health-promoting products contribute to the health and wellbeing of their customers. As a company, Canada Mint is environmentally responsible and as such a company they pride themselves on minimizing the use of harmful materials when they make their products. That’s why you’ll find that all of their products come in glass bottles or other recyclable and environmentally friendly materials.

As a former carbonated drink company, Canada Mint switched gears and started tailoring their products to a new kind of customer. Ones that are health conscious and care about natural products. That’s why Canada Mint has started a new line focusing on wellness and naturally beneficial products. They make sure that every ingredient found in their new products is natural and clean so that you can rest easy knowing that what you put into your body is giving you the most benefits possible.

Try their new Natural Lemon and Herb Concoction or Natural Honey and Seed Spread. We’re sure you’ll love them! Made with less than 10 ingredients and naturally beneficial for the body, there’s not a wonder why this brand is making quite the comeback.