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We’ve heard it ain’t easy being cheesy, but Cheddies definitely proves this wrong! Made with real cheddar cheese, these high protein cheese crackers are definitely an easy way to get a lil cheesy, and a lil boost of protein!

This is the tale of two brothers who shared one mission, to make cheddar better! During their college days, brothers Tomas and Francisco Pergola were tired of the denseness and flavorless protein bars that they munched on to try and power them through the afternoon slumps. They’d wanted something savory, crunchy and light to keep themselves energized through the day and after they’d spoken with a few of their college friends, all of them unanimously agreed that they enjoyed snacking on cheese crackers. Tomas and Francisco then looked to each other, an idea forming between them, and got to work on making all natural, high quality, small batch cheese crackers and thus Cheddies was born! To this day, Cheddies’s mission is to bridge indulgence and wellness, wanting to keep the nostalgia and the tradition of the foods they’d grown up with and making them with the newest trends and lifestyles in mind!  



Cheddies crackers are the crackers with real cheese, made with nothing but the best, high quality, whole cheddar cheese. These high protein crackers are the perfect snack when you need a boost of protein, and are light enough to keep you going throughout your day!