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Chum Fruit Bites

Chum Fruit Bites

Make way! Chum Fruit Bites are stampeding through to deliver you with great taste AND natural ingredients in the form of the perfect fruit snack!

About Chum Fruit Bites

The developer of Chum Fruit Bites, Ben, was first inspired to create these snacks because he wanted to develop a “candy alternative” for his children. He wanted to give them something that was good for them, while still allowing them to enjoy sweet snacks!

Ben has a passion for shark conservation, which is what brought him to surround Chum Fruit Bites around protecting endangered species. The word “Chum” is connected to sharks, but in the universal language it also means “Friend”.

Chum Fruit Bites are doing their part to protect endangered species by donating 15% of their profits to WILDAID. 

What Are Chum Fruit Bites

Chum Fruit Bites are made with simple ingredients that are good for you! They’re inspired by nature and that’s why they focus on using pure ingredients in their products. Each individual packet of Chum Fruit Bites contains what is equivalent to 2 small apples! 

With fibers, vitamins, and plant proteins, these snacks are perfect for you AND the kids!