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At Circle, we are anything but square. We think outside the circle and create outstanding products that you can’t stop talking about. Our mission is to create better-for-you beverages that help you find balance and feel your best. We come to work every day to make the world a better, sparklier place, one drink at a time. We take taste, health, and the environment into consideration when making our beverages, so Circle beverages are never the hard choice. By now, you may have heard of our sparkling protein drinks, and if you’re lucky, you’ve tasted them too. Our high protein beverages contain only the highest quality plant-based ingredients and the best flavours. At Circle, we source our collagen only from grass-fed bovine hides as it is the best collagen that you can have! With Circle, you will always find tasty and nutritious high-protein alternatives to your favourite beverages. Our beverages are rich in protein, keto-friendly, and brag-worthy deliciousness! Come join the circle!