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Life is sweet thanks to COCOABEE CHOCOLATE! Made from 3 simple ingredients, you can rest at ease knowing that their sinfully decadent, creamy dark chocolate is made from ethically sourced Canadian honey, Fair Trade cocoa powder, and Fair Trade cocoa butter. And this passion for ethically and legally sourced chocolate comes from over 80 years of family-run, chocolate making experience - spanning 3 generations! 

COCOABEE CHOCOLATE is a Canadian-based, family-owned business passionate about chocolate and giving back - so each time you treat yourself to one of their sweet, chocolatey treats you’re supporting the prosperity of cocoa farmers, as well as supporting initiatives that both research and foster bee populations. 

Available in delicious dark chocolate wafers and dark chocolate covered raisins - all naturally sweetened with 100% pure natural honey! All COCOABEE CHOCOLATEs are free of artificial sweeteners, preservatives, trans fat, additives and refined sugar - so you can indulge completely guilt-free!