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Born out of a love for chocolate – but none of the junk, Cocoalicious was created. They truly value clean, simple, and healthy eating. They have made chocolate that cuts the added sugar and is only sweetned with xylitol (which is also good for your teeth). Simple food (and snacks) can be delicious when the right elements come together. Cocoalicious chocolate bars are filled with wholesome ingredients that are delicately curated so that each and every chocolate bar is balanced. Made with organic and natural ingredients like, premium cacao and bourbon vanilla, these bars are tested again and again to ensure maximum deliciousness. Along with indulgence and satisfaction, Cocoalicious also makes sure to practice standard and ethical production practices each time a chocolate bar is made. Cocoalicious bars are: vegan, organic, gluten-free, non-GMO, and soy-free (not to mention keto-friendly). And they contain no hydrogenated oils or sugar – only ever sweetened with xylitol. Enjoy a piece or two of premium, Fair Trade dark chocolate, today! Delicious without the sugar.