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Core Foods

Core Foods

What is at the core of Core Foods? Health, immunity, and wellness! The foundation of Core Foods is to get to the core of the issue. To make tasty and nutritional snacks that do more for your body. Your gut health is one of the most important parts of our bodies. That’s why Core Foods makes it easier than ever to provide you with products that contain functional ingredients. Whole grains, prebiotic fibre, probiotics, and many more ingredients are packed into each product, and a taste test ensures that these functional treats are yummy too!

Live your best life with the help of Core Foods. They are committed to only using the best ingredients in their products. Being based in Brooklyn, New York, Core Foods is also building a community, while you’re enjoying their snacks. Why settle for less? Trade up those bland and nutritionless snacks for a snack that can actually do your body some good. With plant-based protein at every turn, these tasty snacks are designed to keep you full and fueled. Core Foods are keeping it clean with their ingredients. They pride themselves on being certified delicious, but they’ll leave that up to you to decide!