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Going off of the idea that smaller is better, CR*FT brews small batches of their beer flavours using high-quality ingredients to create exceptional beer in an array of styles. With a history of award-winning beers, you’ll never have a boring beer experience. They believe is the three L’s; low carbs, low alcohol, and low calories! It’s not about what isn’t included in their beer, but what is kept in. Artisanal beer and the stylistic approach to the beer-making process is one that encompasses flavour, smell, and mouthfeel. CR*FT makes beer that can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere. Crack into one of their three delicious and refreshing beer flavours, Crispy Blonde, Easy-Going Pale Ale, and Velvety Stout.

It’s authentic and true, and made for you. It’s beer. Minus the alcohol. The CR*FT brewing team is passionate about beer-making and about delivering you a beer that checks all of the boxes. At CR*FT, their team of experienced brewers produce some terrific beers over the years. They include lagers and stouts, sours and IPAs. And everything in between. Experimentation and innovation are the keys at CR*FT. With the changing times, CR*FT has quickly adapted to what is up and coming in the beer market. Non-alcoholic beer! So, now they have switched gears and created three amazing and fresh non-alcoholic beers for the masses.