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Cucina & Amore

At Cucina & Amore, we are dedicated to making a difference in your kitchen. Our mission is to support your well-being by sharing our irresistible, convenient, and affordable high-quality food. Cucina & Amore was founded in 2007 with convenience, flavour, and quality in mind. Our story began when one of our founders, Ruth, struggled to find quick and easy foods to feed her family that were healthy, tasty, and affordable. Determined to solve this issue, Ruth poured her heart into the kitchen and joined forces with her foodie husband, Hossein, to create Cucina & Amore. At Cucina & Amore, we select the finest ingredients to formulate new products that you can share with your family and friends. We make all of our food products with recognizable ingredients, minimally processing, and no GMOs, gluten, or added sugars. We are committed to setting the standard for healthy, convenient, and high-quality food that you can share with your loved ones. With Cucina & Amore, you too can experience a better way to eat.