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De La Viuda

De La Viuda

Feeling hot, hot, hot? Well add even more heat AND passion to your dishes with De La Viuda’s plant-based and ketogenic Mexican hot sauce!

About The La Viuda Food Company

Two entrepreneurs who are associated with many iconic brands, founded The La Viuda Food Company. They have a passion for providing high quality products that pay homage to Mexico’s culture! 

The bottle art of the De La Viuda Hot Sauce is inspired by Senora Sanchez, and pays tribute to her late husband. The bright and vibrant colours pay tribute to the legacy of sharing passion and real spice! Senora Sanchez, the widowed mother of 4 children, opened a street cart to sell the homemade hot sauce which her husband loved! De La Viuda Hot Sauce continues to pay tribute to Senora Sanchez and her late husband. 

De La Viuda Hot Sauce

This zesty hot sauce is a traditional Mexican hot sauce! It is created with chile de arbol peppers and a blend of premium spices and ingredients. This plant-based hot sauce is low in calories but has a kick in taste! With less sugar and even more flavour, De La Viuda Hot Sauce is definitely a must have!