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Divine Chocolate

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Take a bite out of the Divine Difference. At Divine Chocolate, they believe that chocolate and the chocolate-making process can be used for good. Their mission is to help end exploitation in the cocoa industry and to help cocoa farmers thrive. With Divine, their belief is in the farmers and growers that help to make every chocolate bar. Divine chocolate bars are made with a difference that you can taste. Each bar or chocolate product is quality ensured from the moment the bean is grown, to when the chocolate product is shipped out to you. They take pride in growing the highest-quality cocoa that then makes their award-winning chocolate.

Divine Chocolate is the only Fairtrade chocolate company that is co-owned by its farmers. Created in the early 1990s, Divine (known before as Day Chocolate), hit the ground running and lit a fire under the rest of the chocolate world by putting the needs of their farmers at the forefront of their company. When first starting out, a visionary farmer (along with the support from a Fairtrade company called Twin Trading), set out to ensure that the farmers and growers of the company would earn a profit and that Fairtrade premiums would be invested into social programs.

Divine goes by the motto ‘doing business differently’ and they’re committed to proving it every day. They aim to catalyze a change throughout the business world by taking the steps needed to empower women. Divine is proud to say that out of 100,000 farmers that co-own the company, more than a third are women. They’re making a real global difference and creating delicious chocolate in the process. They have any chocolate product that you might need or want, including chocolate coins, chocolate bars (dark, milk, and white in various sizes), seasonal chocolate (such as advent calendars and seasonally flavoured bars), hot chocolate powder, chocolate thins, and bars that can be used for baking with.