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Are you tired of putting in the extra elbow grease when you clean? Or how about using cheap and unreliable cleaning products that fall apart? Well, we have got the solution to your cleaning woes right here. E-Cloth is a brand that makes easy-to-use and simple microfibre cloths. What is a microfibre cloth you might ask? It is a cloth (mainly used for cleaning) that is made of very small fibres of cloth. These split cloth fibres make for more (and better) surfaces to clean with. They are also extremely absorbent and durable.

Effective, exceptional, and eco-friendly. That’s what the e-cloth is all about. All you have to do to wipe away dirt, grime, and dust is just add water. Or use it dry. It’s as easy as that! No area is too difficult to clean with an e-cloth. Bathroom, kitchen, floors, you can really do it all. An eco-friendly alternative to paper towels that gets the job done quickly and without the waste. Is your e-cloth dirty? Not a problem. Just machine wash after a week’s worth of grime and you’ll ve all set to tackle your next cleaning task. For over 20 years, E-Cloth has been making premium, quality textiles. And the e-cloth is no different. Change the way you clean today!