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At Equal Exchange we work tirelessly to ensure that we are being just with all parties involved in the delicious chocolate making process. We only use Fair Trade cocoa, as it is the only correct way to make chocolate. We ensure that our chocolate is good not just for you, but also for the environment. We founded Equal Exchange on the belief that chocolate should be fair and empowering for both producers and consumers. Although we've faced many challenges promoting fair-trade chocolate, we are not backing down. We are focused on bringing justice to everyone that has been forgotten by big chocolate brand names. And, we need your help. Everytime that you purchase an Equal Exchange product you are changing the world; You are supporting small farmers and the forgotten contributors throughout the world. We made our chocolate chips vegan and kosher so we could have more people contribute to our project. No dairy, and fully fair-trade cocoa in every chocolate chip. Let’s make an impact together! Shop Equal Exchange!