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Evy Tea

Here comes the ‘Cold Brew Evylution’! Need a cold brew fix but want to try a new and creative way to drink it? Well, you’re in luck. Evy Tea is a sustainable tea company that makes vegan and organic cold brew tea concentrates that are transformed into drinkable canned tea beverages. They range in taste and flavour but one thing is for sure, they are not your average tea.

Evy Tea was born on the idea of bringing back the ancient and artisanal way of tea making. That’s why each and every tea product that comes from Evy Tea is steeped with cold water (to bring out the richness and nutrients in the whole tea leaves) and the process is done slowly to give you an intense and powerful sip every time. Unlike other tea companies, Evy Tea keeps its tea leaves whole and doesn’t ground them. When ground, the tea leaves tend to lose the flavour and nutrients that can be saved by keeping them whole. They are transforming the tea industry one leaf at a time.

Evy Tea takes sustainability to heart. The farmers that harvest the tea leaves use millennia-old techniques that preserve the uniqueness and nutrients in every leaf. Evy Tea aims to elevate these practices and bring tea making back to its roots. Evy Tea is female-owned and their tea is mostly grown by women. Their tea is global and is grown in places like the Nile on the Egypt- Sudan border and in the rocky mountains of the Anhui province of China. Delicious and amazing tea takes time, patience, and care. And with Evy Tea that is a given. We’re sure you’ll posiTEAvely enjoy all they have to offer.