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Exponent Energy

Ready for your energy levels to elevate exponentially? With Exponent Energy’s sugar free fusion drinks, now you can power through your days and stay energized to live through every moment!

In 2019, a meeting between two people would forever change the energy drink game as we know it! Successful business exec Matt Stirling and health entrepreneur Mike Pullman both came from strong athletic backgrounds, and after they met, a business partnership was already on the horizon when they both began discussing how consumers would crave a healthier alternative to the high sugar, high caffeine, artificial ingredient dense energy drinks out in the current market. Wanting nothing but the best to fuel their bodies with, they went searching for an energy drink that not only had a high dose of caffeine to momentarily boost their energies before the crash, but something that provided long lasting energy. 

When their searches came up fruitless, they pooled their knowledge and brainstormed in the thick of the pandemic, and created the vision for Exponent Energy! Deciding to give it a go, they personally funded all aspects of their vision, turning it into a reality, and two years later, they took their fusion energy drinks, the world’s very first of its kind, to the market! Now visionaries, overachievers, hard workers, everyone under the sun no longer has to settle for a quick caffeine buzz to power them through their days, Exponent Energy is the energy drink that boosts both your mind and body to keep energy levels boosted throughout the day! 



Exponent Energy fusion drinks are energy drinks without the sugar! Entirely sugar free and vegan friendly, these drinks will help both your body and your mind, and wick away any exhaustion so that you can keep on keepin’ on. Live that limitless life with Exponent Energy by your side and leave your mark on the world!