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At Familia, we live for muesli! We make the world’s best muesli through sustainable, non-GMO ingredients, no dairy, and less sugar than competitors. We’ve been committed to making authentic Swiss muesli since 1954 and will continue to innovate until every individual has tasted the true flavour of authentic muesli. One thing that will always remain the same about our muesli is our use of organic ingredients. We made a promise to our friend and inspiration for our muesli to only use organic ingredients in 1957, and we don’t break our promises. We created our muesli not only to be delicious and healthy but good for the whole family. Our muesli can feed anyone looking for a quick and convenient breakfast or for a healthy snack. From children to athletes, to grandma and grandpa, our crispy, Swiss muesli helps bring families together around the kitchen table. Welcome to our Familia!