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Many believe that certain ailments and diseases can be remedied by changing your diet or eliminating some foods that may be doing more harm than good for our bodies. Well, FanTasty is one of those brands that is dedicated to improving the lives of those who seek to start a ketogenic diet journey. It isn’t always easy to start but with the help of brands that care, it can be as simple as finding the right flavour of products.

FanTasty came to be after the founder of the company’s son, Sam, began to experience seizures. Before committing himself to a ketogenic diet, Sam experienced over 20,000 seizures. But after starting a ketogenic diet and being dedicated to his health, Sam has been seizure-free for 13 years! FanTasty makes premium coconut milk-based hot chocolate mixes, keto-friendly cake mixes, boosters, and protein shakes!

All of their products are made in a certified gluten-free facility and they truly care about putting your safety above all else. That’s why their team is committed to quality and only makes products that contain gluten-free ingredients. The same goes for their vegan and plant-based products. They use a separate part of their facility to make those items.

With FanTasty products, your ketogenic journey can be that much easier. They pride themselves on making tasty, keto-friendly treats that everyone can enjoy. By reducing the number of carbs you are intaking, your body goes into a state of ketosis. FanTasty gets you from point A to B. And we love supporting local! FanTasty is another Canadian brand that we are happy to support.