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Buongiorno! Ready to taste a bit of Italy? With Favuzzi’s Artisanal spreads, you can invite that Italian spirit into the comfort of your home. Sweetened to perfection, these delectable spreads contain nuts hailing from Sicily and can be enjoyed any time of day!

Founder Michel Favuzzi discovered the practices of his family’s olive oil traditions on a trip to Europe with his uncle Damiano. There he learned that his hard working family, the Favuzzis, lived in rhythm with the harvests near the Adriatic coast in Italy and the yields of their harvests were bountiful from their efforts! It was Michel’s uncle, Damiano, who encouraged Michel to import PDO (protected by designated origin) extra virgin olive oil, which marked the beginning of an adventure unlike any other, the birth of the Favuzzi line and their famous olive oil based products. Now you can bring home the taste of authentic, artisanal Italian products, because Favuzzi’s ongoing mission for their lines after numerous travels and many meetings with numerous artisans is quality and authenticity at the forefront of every product they make. That's the Favuzzi guarantee!  


Favuzzi’s artisanal spreads are the perfect thing to enjoy when you’re craving something sweet and nutty! With nuts from Sicily and completely palm oil free, these spreads bring that touch of authentic Italian amore to your life. Never been to Italy before? These Favuzzi spreads may just be the next best thing!