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Delicious tasting wheat-based products have been coming out of Firehook’s doors since 1992. Baking inspired by the Mediterranean heritage of their family, Firehook has grown to not only make bread but they also make a line of crispy, beautifully uneven, and flavourful baked crackers. Firehook truly believes in simple and whole ingredients coming together to make something extraordinary. That’s why you’ll only find organic and simple ingredients in their products and no additives.

Their line of Mediterranean crackers come in a variety of flavours like sea salt, za'atar, rosemary sea salt, spicy Mediterranean, cinnamon, garlic thyme, multigrain flax, hummus crunch, sweet potato chive, and everything (like the bagel). Their crackers make for the perfect snack or charcuterie board add-on. Their sturdiness makes them an especially great scoop for heavy dips. Shop Firehook crackers and other products today and we’re sure you’ll be coming back for more!