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First Press Coffee

First Press Coffee

We’re sure that you’ll love the First Press’s Cold Drip Coffee beverages a latte! These brew-tiful double shot brews made with single origin sourced coffee and no refined sugars will give you that energy boost all throughout your day!
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Extra, extra! The taste of First Press’s cold drip coffee is all about it! Hot off the press from our friends down under, founders Jimmy and Hamish wanted to reinvent the Australian iced coffee industry by providing clean and ethically sourced coffee that tasted great and made you feel even better. Since the First Press’s birth in 2013, their mission is to create a ‘better for you’ specialized grab and go brew that makes you feel great any time of the day in the most sustainable way possible without any additives of conventional coffee. 

With 100% Australian grown oats and almonds, single origin sourced coffee, and zero refined sugars, energize yourself with a double shot of espresso and feel like your best self in the early hours of the day to the afternoon lull and even on the go to your workout sesh these plant based, vegan friendly coffee beverages! And the best part of these delicious brews is that they are made with Rainforest Alliance and UTZ certified coffee. So go ahead and espresso your love for these brews!


First Press’s Cold Drip Double Shot Coffees are plant based, ready to enjoy coffee beverages made with 100% Australian grown oats and almonds, and single origin sourced coffee dripped in Melbourne. They’re vegan friendly and refined sugar free so you can feel energized without those coffee jitters.