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Grab life by the horns with LIFEAID’s lifestyle supplement beverages and seize every moment of your day! These supplement beverages are infused with essential vitamins so you can enjoy that needed boost any time of day and fuel yourself to take advantage of life at every opportunity!
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In 2009, LIFEAID founders Orion Melehan and Aaron Hinde first met at a gym in Santa Cruz, and a friendship quickly blossomed between the two, which eventually led to a business partnership. With Melehan’s background in certified financial planning and Hinde’s career as a sports chiropractor, the two were convinced that consumers wanted to enjoy high energy beverages without the high sugar, caffeine and artificial ingredients, and forecasted a very high demand for healthier alternatives as more and more health-conscious diets and lifestyles came into fruition as time went on. After months of brainstorming, working together with a team of beverage scientists and a biochemist, and pooling together their life savings, they created LIFEAID!  

Over a decade later and still proudly independent, LIFEAID’s products have expanded throughout the years as the demand for energy boosting supplements continues to grow. Take LIFEAID wherever life takes you and feel great every day!   


LIFEAID’s FITAID beverages are wellness in a can. Chalk full of necessary vitamins and minerals, these supplement beverages come in convenient, on the go cans so that you can take it on the go. Naturally flavored and sweetened, these beverages are certified vegan, gluten-free and paleo friendly!