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Four Fathers Food Co.

You don’t need to be a father to enjoy Four Fathers Food’s sauces, you just got to enjoy spicing up your food! From the minds of four fathers, these sauces are a staple topper to any meal, except maybe ice cream, unless that’s your thing!

Long ago (not that long ago), four fathers bonded over great food and greater ideas! Nelson, Dave, John and Chef Dino all grew up in Canadian immigrant homes, and all had roots to Western European cultures, foods, people, their memories were heavily based around food, spices and ingredients! Each father had their own individual experience with food, but all had come to a unanimous agreement in that they all loved food, especially those from their roots! After brainstorming and bonding over their experiences with each other, they decided to bring these flavors over using only wholesome ingredients   



Four Fathers Food Co’s sauces are made with no added sugars and without the use of artificial preservatives. Wholesomely made using authentic ingredients, their sauces are keto and vegan friendly while still maintaining the same great taste!