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Free AF

Want to be Free AF to drink as you please without the after effects that alcohol gives you? Free AF is a non-alcoholic beverage that gives you a nice, rosy Afterglow so you can feel all warm and cozy, kinda like what a cocktail does, just without the alcohol!

Founded by Lisa King, who’d wanted to not feel left out or socially awkward for her choices to remain sober in a social setting. She created Free AF for those people who wanted to gain a new perspective on alcohol and how it wasn’t necessary to make a good time stay a good time, and after she’d realized that her bouts of vertigo were connected to her favored drink of choice, she decided to give up drinking. The problem with this, she found, was the very little accommodations that were available to her and her sober lifestyle. Where it was non-alcoholic, it didn’t taste great, and even then, it was more pricey than having a regular alcoholic beverage and realizing that she was in the shoes of many others like her, who are non-drinkers, she decided to make something of her own and thus Free AF came into being! 



Free AF’s non-alcoholic cocktails will have you never turning back to regular alcohol again! Made with Afterglow, an herbal extract that mimics that warm and rosy feeling after a few sips of alcohol just without the alcohol of course! Now not only can you enjoy the party, you can really feel it too, just like everyone else!