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Can you enjoy the regional flavors of Mexico at home? Why yes, you absolutely can!

Inspired from the zesty, robust and piquant flavors from the regional Mexican cuisines, we bring you Frontera Foods. 

Frontera Foods was created so you could enjoy gourmet Mexican experience right at your home. Made with only the highest quality of ingredients, you can make authentic Mexican recipes that are bold, delicious and spirited in flavor! Mexico is known for its vibrant and passionate culture. Mexicans put the same love, energy and flavors in creating some of the most mouth-watering Mexican delicacies. Frontera Grill started as a restaurant in 1987, a decade later, Rick Bayless, the creator, launched Frontera Foods.

Frontera has a sense of culinary richness that makes food taste undeniably savory! We all love Mexican food a little too much and that is why we have Frontera to fulfill your Mexican food dreams. Nothing beats cooking a flavorful homemade meal for your friends and family. So, bring the authentic flavors from the kitchens of Mexico to your home, with Frontera’s best sauces and salsas and spice things up!